CERAMED is certified, since 2007, by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) according to ISO 9011:2008 - "Quality Management systems" and ISO 13485:2003 - "Medical devices - Quality management systems, requirements for regulatory purposes".

CERAMED quality policy is based on the ensuring of the following conditions:
  • Satisfy, in an increasing way, its clients necessities;
  • Guaranty the economical-financial balance of CERAMED;
  • Comply with statutory requirements and national regulations of Portugal and the countries to which CERAMED supplies its services;
  • Fulfill of norms, regulations, directives and procedures in quality manual and remaining documental system support in all activities;
  • Assure the professional and complete satisfaction of its workers, based on the following values:
    • Believe, showing confidence in the organization, its products and services and in himself;
    • Perform with excellency, having the capability of carrying his tasks to a good result and be proud of its good performance;
    • Have peripheral vision, identifying the immediate task and previewing the general picture and the effects of our actions in the others;
    • Be proactive, previewing the problems and its solutions, as well as the opportunities of improvement;
    • Be visionary, developing the ability of seeing forward the proposed objectives in the moment;
    • Respect, accepting the differences and recognizing the unique qualities of each person;
    • Team work, realizing that unity is synonymous of strength, solving directly eventual differences.