Ceramed is a Portuguese corporation, which started its activity as an independent company in 2005, after 4 years of incubation under the umbrella of CATiM (the R&D unit of the Portuguese metal machining cluster). Our main coating unit (located in Lisboa) offers a broad range of coating technologies for medical implants and instruments, such as Plasma spraying, PVD and Anodization. Ceramed is ISO 13485:2003 certified since 2004 by DNV.

Besides the coating technologies, we offer innovative and self-developed biomaterials and medical devices for wound dressing, hemostatic, hydrogel, bone grafts for dental and orthopedic applications, bone cements and injectable bone substitutes. All of these activities were agglutinated in a new company named Altakitin – this spin-off occurred at the end of 2010. It’s Altakitin who currently produces ForCoat, the HAp power used by Ceramed.

In 2010 Ceramed created a new company for machining in Spain, ALTAMEDICA with a local partner with 25 years of experience in Medical Machinhing in order to offer fully integrated outsourcing solutions for orthopaedics OEM's. Altamedica is certified under ISO 13485:2003 by SGS.


CERAMED's mission is focus in the development of biomedical technology in Portugal, mainly in the introduction of new technologies and/or products in the biomedical field and related areas. CERAMED intends to introduce and develop new products and/or technologies that can respond to biomedical industry demands, through:
  • Supplying services - an investment in its continuous improvement through efficiency and reliability of the products and production process;
  • Developing efforts for the introduction of new technologies/products - resulting in services for our clients increasingly more interesting and competitive, and enlarging the number of products in portfolio;
  • Complying to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 - all activities are performed focusing in the certification demands;
  • Executing ALL the demands/duties resulted from CE marking


CERAMED expertise in biomaterials comes from its specialized team with recognized experience and different background which enables the development of novel products and the fulfilling of clients and market demands.